Austin Banner Printing

Austin Banner Printing

Sometimes you need a large sign to communicate effectively with the audience and that’s why at Stryker Designs, we take banner printing in Austin very seriously. Banners are the perfect signs to choose when you need size to make a big impact but don’t necessarily have the budget for more expensive signs, or only need a temporary sign to suit your purposes. If you want to stand out in Austin and get your message out, a banner is a great option.

Stryker Designs offers high-quality banners to our customers in Austin, with an eye on great design and a focus on your business goals. We can create custom fabric banners, paper banners, vinyl banners, and more.

Types of Banners We Print

Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are lightweight, durable, and most importantly economical. In general, hems and grommets are placed on them to make the installation easier. Our vinyl banners printing solutions in Austin involves double-sided printing as well. This helps businesses to showcase different messages on each side or simply showcasing the same message on both sides to garner more visibility.

Paper Banner Printing

Paper prints are suitable for indoor purposes only as they are not as sturdy as vinyl banners. Paper banners are a great fit for exhibitions or trade shows. Their USP is their appearance as colorful prints on these advertising banners delivers stunning results.

Mesh Banner Printing 

Mesh banners are made of crisscrossed breathable fibers that allow wind to pass through and prevent banners from getting torn. This makes them great for outdoor use. Mesh banners are digitally printed and can be used for any commercial set up.

Out of the three, vinyl banners are the most popular choice. When it comes to printing outdoor banners, there are a lot of varieties in terms of materials and finishes. Heavier materials are used when the banner is to be placed in windy areas whereas, if it is to be hanged to a wall, lighter materials can do the job as well.

The type of vinyl that you choose will have different types of smoothness. They are available in a glossy and matte finish. Glossy finish glares heavily when light falls upon it which makes it difficult for the audience to read the message. On the other hand, matte banners are just the opposite, they provide a textured finish that does not glare at all.

When Should I Use a Banner?

Banner signs are a flexible alternative that is as useful indoors as they are outdoors. Here are a few different ways that businesses in Austin put them to use:

The Benefits of Budget Banners and Signs in Austin, Texas

Why choose vinyl banner signs over another type of sign? Here are a few reasons why:

There are many other reasons that custom banners are so popular in Austin and for businesses around the world. Talk with our sign experts to determine if a banner is right for you.

Advertising banners for trade show in Austin, TX

Choose Stryker Designs of Austin for Your Next Banner

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