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Modern real estate signs are outdoor signage that enable the public to know when certain industrial, commercial, and residential areas are for sale, rent, or lease. These are commonly used by current property owners, contractors, and brokers. Investing in real estate signs has several advantages.

Benefits of using real estate signs in Austin, TX

Fast Turnaround

These days, the majority of queries involving real properties are made online. However, real estate signs are still effective in Austin, TX, as they target those who happen to pass by that property. According to a study, interested buyers are more likely to discover open houses and property listings through real estate signs rather than word of mouth from family and friends and print advertisements. Thus, it can be said that unique real estate signs can be supplemental to online listings so that you have better chance of finding a buyer or renter.


Considering that custom real estate signs are temporary, you don’t have to invest in expensive materials that are meant to be hard-wearing and long-lasting. One study suggests that a sign costs two cents per one thousand views, which is much cheaper than print and TV ads. When you do the math, the value of one yard sign is actually equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper ads annually.


Although commercial real estate signs are not intended to last very long, it’s still important that this signage is able to withstand harsh weather conditions for a time. The good news is that yard signs are typically made from corrugated plastic that is completely waterproof. Another great option is aluminum which is rust-resistant and cheaper in comparison to other types of materials.

Additional advertising

Although yard signs are typically meant to promote property listings in Austin, TX, it can also help advertise the services of the real estate agent or broker since his/her name and contact information are also displayed. Thus, if a person wants to check out other properties, then he or she can simply inquire directly.

House For Sale – custom real estate signs designed by Stryker Designs in Pflugerville, TX
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Stryker Designs is a highly dependable realtor sign company in Austin, TX, that specializes in producing and installing top-quality real estate signs. We do our best to consistently and efficiently complete all our sign projects. We make sure to only use the best materials and equipment in the market. We also take pride in utilizing modern techniques to ensure that our real estate signs are nothing but top-tier.

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