Personalized post and panel signs in Pflugerville, Texas
Custom post and panel signs are among the most sought-after types of outdoor signage that entrepreneurs invest in. These signs help capture your target audience who are passersby and encourage them to visit your establishment. Aside from increasing store foot traffic, this signage also introduces and reinstates your brand to your target market. In addition, it’s a cost-effective way to advertise your products, services, promos, events, and other important announcements that your customers might find interesting.

Three Types Of Post and Panel Signs to Consider In Austin, TX

Post and panel business signs typically come in three types. The first type is a single post which is perfect for displaying small signage. Double post, on the other hand, provides more support for your signage which is why it’s a popular choice in Austin, TX, among many business owners. Lastly, ceiling-mounted post and panel signs serve as way finders. It can either be still or hanging.

Post & panel signs also come in a variety of materials. It’s important that you choose the right kind of signage that best suits your marketing goals and business industry.


If you want your signage to be visible both day and night, then make sure to have it illuminated through LED panels. With this, you’re able to easily and effectively catch the attention of your target market, even from a certain distance. This also allows your sign to stand out from the rest, giving your establishment a competitive advantage.

Foam Core

This type of material is known to be hardwearing and long-lasting since it’s able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Thus, if you want to make the most out of the money you invested, then foam core is the way to go.


This kind of signage is composed of a plastic core that is sealed by a solid aluminum shell. It’s the sturdiest of all post and panel signs, which is why it’s the most popular option amongst all types. Therefore, if you want a sign that requires less maintenance, then better opt for aluminum.


Of all materials, PVC is the cheapest and least resilient to the outside elements. This is the reason why PVC is a great option for post and panel signs that are intended to be temporary, such as those in construction sites and in event venues.


Medium-density overlay or MDO is also a great choice for signage but is not meant to last long since it easily deteriorates under intense heat and sunlight. It has a laminated wooden core, coated with a finish, and decorated with vinyl letters.

Your Local Austin Post & Panel Signs Manufacturer

Stryker Designs is a highly-dependable custom sign company in Austin, TX, that produces and installs high-quality custom post and panel signs. Our team of well-trained experts is dedicated to meeting and even exceeding the expectations of our clients. We also make sure to only use modern equipment and techniques in order to efficiently and consistently create top-notch post and panel signs.

Stryker Designs can help your business succeed. Reach out to us today and receive a free estimate. You won’t regret it!


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