Temporary construction signs in Pflugerville, Texas

Since the inception of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) back in 1970, the government has mandated that employers follow stringent measures to ensure the safety of their workers. Under OSHA, employers may be penalized for promoting unsafe work practices. This is important, especially in the construction industry, hence the need for quality construction signs. These custom construction signs in Austin, TX, play an important role in maintaining a safe working environment, minimizing risk and ensuring that projects move forward smoothly.

Uses of Construction Signs for Building Sites & Roads in Austin, TX

Temporary vinyl banners, also known as temporary signs, are just as important as the most common construction signs. These banners are most common especially in large construction projects. This is how they contribute:

  • Minimize distractions. These banners help conceal the area outside of the construction site, which helps workers focus on the task at hand. This way, mishaps due to inattentiveness are less likely to occur. These construction signs also help keep debris such as trash and other construction materials from entering the site, helping maintain orderliness.
  • Set expectations. Effective signage will give passersby an idea of the structure being constructed by the site. This is like giving people a glimpse into the future. It helps raise interest while ensuring that the construction site is easily recognizable from the outside.
  • These custom construction signs also push your brand forward. By using elements that are consistent with your brand identity, you can help establish brand recall among people. This also helps prevent brand confusion.

Popular Types of Construction Signs

In conjunction with these temporary banners, the following construction signs play an important role in maximizing safety within the site:

  • Danger signs: These road construction signs warn workers of impending danger, especially with life-threatening materials within the vicinity. The most common rendition is comprised of the word “DANGER” in white text, within a red oval that is placed on a black background.
  • Emergency signs: In case of emergencies such as fires and earthquakes, these help workers identify safe exits. All buildings are required to have fire exits, as well as maps showing how to reach these exits.
  • Mandatory signs: These denote specific instructions that all workers must comply with. Mandatory signs commonly come with white pictures that are outlined by a blue circle. Some examples include: wearing of safety gear like hard hats and goggles, washing hands before and after handling hazardous items, and the like.
  • Warning signs: These signs give workers a heads up on any dangerous substances or objects that are likely to be fatal. Some of the most common symbols used include a bolt of lightning (denoting high voltage), a flame (flammable material warning), and others.

For custom construction signs to be effective, they have to be of the highest possible quality. If you are looking for a provider within the Austin, Texas area, look no further than Stryker Designs. Our team of experienced sign and design specialists are known for high-quality custom signage as well as unmatched customer service. Contact us today for a free quote!


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