Wall Murals: Make Your Walls Reflect Your Brand

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Custom wall murals are printed images and/or designs that are intended to cover an entire wall. It is often confused with wall decals that are pretty much similar, except that those only covers specific portions of the wall. These murals are found in homes, museums, offices, among others for aesthetic purposes. However, these printed murals are also installed in business establishments in different industries because of its many advantages.

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Custom wall murals can transform a blank and boring space into something that stands out. It helps create a positive impression towards your customers and even influence them in their purchase decisions. In other words, creating an exciting and inviting atmosphere inside your establishment can improve your overall branding strategy.

If you want to take it up a notch, infuse a bit of color psychology in your custom wallpaper murals to effectively deliver your message or stimulate the feelings and behaviors of your clients. Here are some basic hues which you can use:

Benefits of Modern Wallpaper Murals

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Better Than Paint

Wall murals are installed in minutes, as opposed to paint that takes days to complete. In addition, the latter requires a smooth surface for better application, whereas the former can be put up on an array of surfaces. And, unlike paint, murals come in a variety of textures for you to choose from. It’s also much simpler to replace, making it ideal for establishments that want to spice up their ambiance every season.


Wall murals are not limited to creating the perfect interior design and aura on your establishment’s sales floor. You can have them installed in hallways, reception areas, conference rooms, and the like in order to motivate employees and welcome guests. Murals are even great for outdoor walls which increase the visibility of your building.

Effective Marketing

You can maximize these wall murals by artistically incorporating your brand, logo, products, and services in them. These murals can also serve as an “Instagrammable” landmark for your business. Your establishment can get free advertising through patrons and visitors who upload photos or videos of your murals in their social media accounts. In effect, people will remember your establishment and will be encouraged to see it themselves. Thus, bringing in more foot traffic inside your building or space.


Wall murals are great for concealing wall imperfections that typically need to be fixed first if you opt for a painting job instead. Plus, you have the option to choose which material you want to use, depending on whether the mural is intended for indoor or outdoor use, and whether it is temporary or permanent. Thus, you can invest in something that is meant to last a long time or you can simply opt for a low-cost material since you might want to keep changing the mural design from time to time.

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Your Local Austin Wall Murals Experts

Stryker Designs is a sign company in Austin, Texas that is dedicated to producing high-quality and long-lasting custom wall murals. We are passionate about translating our client’s ideas into something that is not only stunning, but also effective.

We make sure to use the finest materials in the market, as well as the best technology in creating our signs. We also utilize modern installation techniques to make the process as efficient as it can be.

With Stryker Designs, you can be certain that you get your money’s worth. Want to know more about our work? Contact us today to receive a free estimate.


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