Custom office lobby signs in Pflugerville, TX

A lobby sign is an interior business sign that is intended to welcome guests as they step inside your establishment. They are also commonly known as reception signs. Lobby signs helps create a positive first impression for your customers, clients, suppliers, and visitors.

Advantages Of Using Office Lobby Signs

There are a number of reasons why time and time again, entrepreneurs invest in custom lobby signs.


Introduce or reiterate your company name and logo to your target audience through a corporate lobby sign. According to a study conducted by FedEx, 68% of consumers believe that the signage of a business reflects the quality of its services and products. Therefore, it’s crucial that the signage is made and installed by professionals that are well-trained and highly-experienced.


A lobby sign can tie into your overall interior design and create a welcoming ambiance. It also creates a more inviting and professional-looking reception area. With this, you can easily transform a blank and boring wall into something that is more pleasing to the eye.


Display your company’s mission, vision, motto, slogan, and other values through office lobby signs. You can also inform visitors about certain policies and important reminders that need to be followed when inside your premises.


Office lobby signage can showcase your establishment’s journey, right from its humble beginnings to where it is now. This way, your guests and customers can feel more connected to your brand. Establishing a relationship with them is crucial if you want to not just promote your products and services, but also to encourage brand loyalty. You can also feature important personalities that made a huge impact on your company throughout the years such as CEOs and sponsors.


Exhibit your company’s awards and accolades through acrylic lobby signs. Doing so can improve the level of reliability and trustworthiness that your customers associate with your brand.


Lobby directory signs can notify your guests about other relevant information that they need to know such as business hours and directional cues.

Types Of Lobby Signs

Lobby signs come in several materials and styles. It’s necessary that you choose the right type of front desk or reception sign that best suits your business type and marketing goals.


This plaque office lobby signage is ideal for companies that are only renting the area where they operate because plaques are not as damaging to the wall surface as opposed to other kinds of signage. It’s also a great choice if you want to conceal cracks, holes, and other wall defects.

Backlit Lobby Signs

If you want your lobby signs to stand out, then illuminated or back-lit signage is the way to go. You don’t have to worry too much about your electricity bill since LED is utilized on this kind of signage.

Metal letters

A metal lobby sign is made from aluminum which can easily copy your logo, font, and any other design specifications that you desire.

Acrylic letters

If you want your signage to look classy and elegant, then acrylic office signs are the best option for you. You can either have them custom painted or simply choose from one of several basic colors.

Your Local Office Lobby Signs Manufacturer

Stryker Designs is a dependable sign company in Pflugerville and Austin, TX that produces and installs top-quality custom office lobby signs. We take pride in the amount of dedication and attention to detail that each person in our team gives in order to complete our sign projects.

With Stryker Designs, you can be sure that your corporate signs are always produced and installed with the finest materials and equipment. We also do our best to complete our projects correctly and right on schedule.

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