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Customer experience is a key element in building a strong foundation for your brand. As such, American law mandates that establishments install ADA signs which can ensure maximum accessibility even to those with disabilities. Though these are generally meant as “accessible” signs, the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, has turned “ADA signs,” into a popular term.

Essentially, ADA signs are visual guides that comply with ADA requirements, to be able to cater to sensory-disabled people by adding visual and tactile elements. Braille is probably the most well-known feature of ADA signs, but these are just part of the whole package.

They became very common upon the passage of the above-mentioned Act in 1990. Since then, this law has set a benchmark for offices to create signage and guides to help even the visually impaired. This can also benefit clients who come and go to your establishment regularly, as it enhances their experience by increasing convenience.

How Do Custom ADA Signs Benefit Your Business In Austin, Texas?

Word of mouth remains the most effective way to raise awareness of your brand. By improving services, you can leave a strong impression on clients and help them leave your premises satisfied. This way, they will speak positively about their experience with you, encouraging others to come by and try it for themselves.

One great way to achieve this is by placing ADA compliant signs. Not only does this help you stay in keeping with regulations but making use of custom ADA signs will also tell your clients that you are in tune with their needs. For instance, placing elevator ADA signage in your facility can help visitors to navigate with ease. Ultimately, your business will come off as one that cares for its customers.

Did you know more than 2.5 million people all over America are considered legally blind? These include seniors, who may experience weak eyesight. These are people who would forever be grateful for signage that helps them make their way through any location.

In a nutshell, the guidelines make it so your signage is highly accessible to the visually impaired. Thus, the requirements call for the use of contrast, tactile elements (such as Custom Braille Signs), optimal font sizes and font types, and more. Here are some things to keep in mind before you have your custom ADA signs created:

Of course, just because your signs are compliant with regulations does not mean that they cannot be appealing. In fact, they present an opportunity for you to push your brand and its story forward. Here are some ideas you can take advantage of when planning your brand-friendly and appealing ADA signs:

Your Local ADA Compliant Signs Manufacturer

If you are still unsure about ADA signage, allow our team of experts at Stryker Designs to help you ensure you get ADA compliant signs that stay true to your brand. Stryker Designs in Austin, Texas has in-house design experts whose dedication to quality output and customer service is unparalleled.

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