Restaurant Signs: Provide An Upscale Experience To Your Customers

Restaurant Signs

Restaurants use exterior signs to be recognized and to attract customers. Upon entering the establishment, indoor signs help enhance the diner’s experience and set the tone and mood of the restaurant. In many subtle ways, commercial restaurant signs help in creating a better dining experience.

Types of Restaurant Signs That Are Essential To Creating The Right Atmosphere In Austin, TX

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor restaurant signs are probably the most important sign you will need as they are the first thing customers see. Passersby will be more enticed and feel more comfortable to enter a building or business space when they have prior knowledge of what is inside. These usually include building signs, window decals, window clings and sidewalk frames. Exterior restaurant signs are meant to pique a customer’s interest and drive them in, so it is essential that you choose the right sign that engages patrons right off the bat. Outdoor signs typically contain the restaurant’s logo, name and a catchy phrase or short description of what the restaurant is about. They are a great way to advertise your business economically in Austin, TX. The various options for outdoor signs allow for different ways to attract customers. Building signs and window decals make restaurants visible even for motorists and passersby and allow customers to identify your location. Sidewalk signs attract people who are walking by especially in high-foot traffic areas, and canopy signs or teardrop banners placed at eye-level function well for roadside restaurants.
Fish & Chips Restaurant Signs by Stryker Designs in Pflugerville, TX

Interior Restaurant Signs

Indoor restaurant signs allow for daily smooth-sailing operations as well as comply with bylaws and health codes set by your state. These may include menus, restaurant area signs, restroom signs, public health notices, emergency exists, directional signs and even name badges for employees. Indoor signs help both diners and staff alike create a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Restaurant signs for Hamburger Chili in Pflugerville, TX

Regulatory Signs

Restaurants follow very strict health, safety and sanitary regulations. In order to help businesses comply with these regulations, it is often required that owners put up business restaurant signs as reminders for employees. Some regulatory signs include wearing hairnets, hand washing, food safety temperatures, maximum occupancy signs, and authorized personnel room signs. Since food safety is crucial to the success of a restaurant business, it is necessary for owners to put up regulatory signs to ensure food safety.

On top of these, custom restaurant signs are also perfect for advertising your latest deals and promotions. Putting up window adhesives or A-frames outdoors with your latest offerings entice customers to come in. Tabletop signs, chalkboards and message boards containing ongoing deals make diners order more. Whatever the medium, restaurant signs are sure to drive more business to your establishment.

Have Your Restaurant Signs Made by the Experts

There is a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to signage for your restaurant. No matter what your style, budget and business needs are, Stryker Designs in Austin, Texas will be your partner in building the perfect signage for your restaurant. We are known not only for the world-class customer service we provide our customers but also for the top-of-line signage materials we use. We take every necessary step to ensure you get only high-quality signs that deliver results.

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