5 Reasons You Should Invest in Custom Lobby Signs

Custom Lobby Signs

Regardless of the size of your business, investing in a well-thought-out signage system and tastefully designed reception signs can benefit your organization.

If you are considering getting a brand-new lobby sign or updating an existing one in your establishment, these five reasons for investing in this type of signage should reinforce your decision.

Why Invest in Lobby Signage?

Builds Rapport with Customers

Often, your lobby sign is the first impression your customers and visitors see upon entering your business. They are your silent brand ambassadors; how they look and the message they convey are, therefore, are very important.

With that in mind, it is crucial to have lobby signs that are tastefully designed, professionally installed, and accurately represent your company. They must carry with them a message of confidence and create an impression among walk-in customers that they can trust you with their business.

Complements Your Entire Signage System

Before entering your store or office, chances are people have already learned about you from an ad they saw on TV, on social media, or your storefront window sign. Your reception area signs reinforce your outdoor signs and the rest of your marketing efforts, reassuring your customers that they have come to the right place for the products and services they expect to receive.

You can choose how your lobby sign should look and feel by customizing the size, shape, and color using different materials to suit your branding theme. Backlit aluminum channel letters are among the most popular as they exude that classic, elegant appeal but acrylic signs are also widely used due to their customizability and glass-like charm.

Strengthens your Brand’s Identity

While a captivating outdoor signage can attract customers into your store, your lobby sign can retain them. Have custom lobby signs that reinforce your exterior signage system, help strengthen your brand’s identity, and make people remember you whenever they have a need for your products.

Inspires Your Staff

It’s impossible for a stunning lobby sign to impress guests and not members of your team. Exquisite reception area signs greet your staff every day as they come into the workplace and this can serve as a reminder that they belong to an awesome team.

A lobby sign that displays your logo or business motto promotes company culture and may have a profound effect on your team members’ disposition at work.

Builds Visual Communication

Lastly, custom lobby signs make outstanding communication tools. Not everyone feels comfortable speaking with strangers, so you can spare guests from having to ask random people where the customer service desk is or which window to go to for the services, they need with directional reception signs.

Reception area signs are powerful advertising tools that significantly impact your brand. Have yours made by only the best sign companies in your area. Stryker Designs in Pflugerville is among the top sign companies in Texas that design, manufacture, and install custom lobby signs that suit each customer’s unique business needs. Contact our sign experts today to learn more about reception signs.

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