5 Tips to Design Eye-Catching Restaurant Signs

Restaurant Signs and Menus in Austin

Every restaurant in Austin relies on a set of signs to draw in customers, explain the menu, and make the atmosphere just right. Designing your restaurant signs is an important process that you really want to take your time with. Custom restaurant signs can be personalized in essentially any way, which leaves a lot of room for creativity but also for mistakes. Let the experts at Stryker Designs share a few tips to help you design eye-catching restaurant signs for your business in Austin.

1. Decide on Which Information You Need

Each sign will need a different amount of information. Some are obvious. For example, your fascia sign should have your brand name and that’s about it. A sandwich board sign is a bit more complicated. Should you include your whole menu, or only select parts? Work with a designer who can help you keep the sign clear and as informative as it needs to be.

2. Include Branding Elements

This is especially important on outdoor restaurant signs. Customers need to know which restaurant they’re looking at and need to get enough of a sense of what your brand is in order to venture inside. Every sign, including your washroom signs and your exit signs, should feel like they are part of your brand.

3. Consider Restaurant Atmosphere

Sometimes in an effort to attract attention we forget about the atmosphere that the restaurant has to create. Bold, colorful designs can be great to get attention, but they might change the atmosphere of your restaurant for the worse. So, it’s important to consider what kind of décor and environment you want to create before you start designing the signs. The material of the signs and the lighting will dramatically affect your restaurant atmosphere, so consider them carefully.

4. Eye-Scanning and Connections

People read complex signs and menus as they read books, from left to right. This is important to keep in mind when you design your signs. Designers are often also torn on what to do to connect the price to the menu item in a way that looks good and makes the menu clear. Some choose to connect the two with dots or lines, which can work depending on the overall design of the sign.

5. Work with the Right Company

In the end, the company you work with will determine the quality of your sign, so work with Stryker Designs. We can create any kind of custom restaurant sign including outdoor restaurant signs. Reach out to us today if you’re in Austin, or the surrounding area, and want to take your restaurant’s signage to new heights.

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