5 Tips to Design Effective Fleet Vehicle Wraps for Business

fleet vehicle wraps

If your company has a few vehicles you may want to make the most of them by adding fleet wraps. Each vehicle can be a moving billboard for your brand throughout Pflugerville, spreading brand awareness and driving sales. When you’re designing vehicle wraps for a whole fleet, there are some special design considerations you should take into account.

1. Focus on Brand

When you’re designing for a few vehicles you may consider branching your message out from your brand. Maybe different vehicles do different things, so you want to give them their own character. Some experimentation is good—otherwise, the wrap would be too bland. However, moving too far away from the brand message is a mistake. Ultimately, you want people to remember your brand and not the specific vehicle or a clever design. Focus your fleet wrap graphics on your brand first, and innovate second.

2. Clear Text

Maybe the most essential rule to creating a good fleet wrap graphic is to make sure the text is clear. That means large, legible font with the right color palette to make the font stand out. Unless you’d like your logo to be the primary focus on your fleet wraps, you typically want your brand name to stand out.

3. Consistency in Your Fleet Wrap Graphics

Sure, you may have many vehicles in your fleet. But you want the fleet itself to be as consistent as possible. There are a few reasons for this this. The most important is that consistent branding is more memorable. If someone saw one of your trucks, you want them to remember that interaction when they see another one. Second, when you find a design that really works, why not go all in?

4. Check the Design on Different Vehicles

As they are looking to create consistency, most businesses will want a single design to put on each vehicle. However, you might have differently shaped and sized vehicles in your fleet. In that case you want to see a mock-up of the design on each type of vehicle. Sometimes we need to make slight changes to make each vehicle look its best.

5. Work with the Right Designer

When you’re buying several fleet wrap graphics, you’re making a significant (but worthwhile) investment. Work with a designer who will help you come up with a design that you are proud of today and well into the future. Reach out to us at Stryker Designs in Pflugerville and we’ll figure out the right wrap for you.

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