5 Ways Bar Signs Make Your Business Stand Out

Custom Bar Signs

Custom bar signage isn’t just for places that serve alcohol. Bar signs go above the bar or servery. Coffee shops, sandwich stores, and all kinds of businesses that serve food can benefit from bar signs.

In fact, without a bar sign, your business may seem unfocused. When customers are standing at the bar or server, there’s no focal point of visual interest, and nothing to help them make their selection. It can change all of that and make your business stand out, here’s how.

1. Further Your Branding

The bar is a great place to reinforce your branding. Include elements of your logo, from color to text and style, above your bar to help connect your brand with the items you serve there. Your branding doesn’t have to dominate the whole sign. Afterall, you want to add more information to the sign. But incorporating elements of your brand will make the sign more powerful.

2. Show-Off Signature Drinks or Menu Items

Your customers will be looking at the sign just before they make their selection. If you don’t have menus, your bar sign is their only guide. Either way, you can use the bar sign strategically to promote the items you want your customers to choose. Promoting your unique items will also help your business stand out.

3. Character is Memorable

We suggest you add something special to your bar signs to help them stand out. For example, many businesses add seasonal décor to the sign to create a festive spirit in the restaurant. Others add jokes, positive messages, and other messages their customers may enjoy.

4. Lighted Bar Signs

Ambiance is everything. A lighted bar sign can help you create a unique atmosphere for your customers to enjoy. If you’re a bar, a tiny bit of light goes a long way, consider adding fairy lights. If you’re a coffee shop that’s busy in the morning, a lot of light may help your customers feel refreshed.

5.Bar Sign Material

These days, most bar signs are sheets of thick paper, mounted onto a simple plastic holder.  Don’t feel limited by that. You can get a bar sign in all kinds of unique materials, including:

  • Wood: You can use reclaimed or new wood.
  • Chalkboard: It’s rustic and homey.
  • Metal: We offer various types and finishes.
  • Plastic: A great option to get a stand-out color.

Get Stryker Signs’ Help To Stand Out

Not sure which kind of bar sign is best for your specific brand and ambiance? The skilled sign designers at Stryker Signs will work with you to create custom bar signage that makes your business stand out. Consult with us today.

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