Benefits of Investing in Post and Panel Signs

Post And Panel Signs

Whether you’re looking to have a permanent sign installed in front of your property or a temporary sign to announce an upcoming event, there are plenty of advantages to investing in the custom posts and signs for your business.

Why Post and Panel Signs

A post and panel sign is usually an excellent choice if a mounted sign is not an option. For instance, if you can’t attach a sign on your building’s façade or don’t want to place one on the roof, you can always opt for a post and panel sign at the entrance to your parking lot or your property’s entryway.

Post and panel signs also make exceptional wayfinding signage solutions. Depending on the type of materials you choose, post and panel signs are often affordable and easy to install. They tell people what your business is all about and show potential customers where to find you, thereby increasing traffic and sales to your business.

Other Popular Uses of Post and Panel Signage

Permanent Outdoor Signage

Permanent post and panel signs are commonly used to identify the location of schools, offices, restaurants, and stores. In addition to pointing people in the right direction, these signs also show an audience that your organization is reputable and trustworthy.

Materials to Use for Permanent Signs

In the past, planks of wood mounted on a single column or on two posts dominated the sign industry. Although they looked and worked just as great in telling directions and advertising businesses, wood doesn’t last long especially when it’s constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to technological breakthroughs, the sign industry has come up with smart solutions for more attractive and longer lasting signage systems. Custom post and panel signs can now be designed using your company colors, your logo, and is resistant to weather elements and pests. You can choose between aluminum, Alumalite, and special plastic materials for long-lasting post and panel signs.

Temporary Outdoor Signage

Temporary post and panel signage, on the other hand, is popular among realtors, developers, and organizations who want to promote an event with single-use sign materials. Stryker Designs in Pflugerville outrivals competitors in the production of temporary signs that are inexpensive yet durable and professional-looking. These signs are used as wayfinding and safety signs in construction sites to announce an open house or property for sale, to direct guests to an event, or to announce special sales and discounts in retail outlets.

Materials to Use for Temporary Signs

Vinyl and wood are among the most affordable options, but you can also opt for MDO, or medium density overlay. This sturdy wood signage has a smooth white finish can that can be customized to show your message using colors that match your brand’s color palette. Just because they’re temporary doesn’t mean they have to look substandard. Stryker Designs conceptualizes and manufactures temporary signs that look elegant and last longer than just one occasion; you can use them again if they are properly transported and stored.

To ensure you make the most of your investment, have your custom post and panel signs done by no less than the best sign company in Texas. Stryker Designs is known for the high-quality signs and the unmatched customer service we provide. Contact our sign experts to learn more about post and panel sign materials, and to receive a free quote.

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