Construction Signs: Ensure Safety at the Worksite

Construction Signs

Has your property become a worksite? Any business that is undergoing renovations may need construction signs to alert customers and passersby of potential dangers nearby. Construction companies may need a steady stream of signs to bring to each new jobsite. Here’s why you should use these signs, and what makes a quality construction sign.

Why Use Construction Signs?

Especially if your construction is temporary, or only affects a small portion of your property, you may be reluctant to put up a sign. You shouldn’t be, and here’s why:

  • These signs alert construction workers and others of the safety concerns in the area. They might alert drivers to slow down, or workers to put on a helmet. Ultimately, these signs communicate essential safety information.
  • If an accident happens on your construction worksite, and you did not have enough of the right signs to prevent the accident, you may be held liable. Signs help you reduce your business’ liability.
  • In Austin there are some circumstances where the law mandates you have signs declaring the safety issues of your property, including for construction.
  • You can use construction zone signs as a way to keep your business going even when you need to fix problems with the property or renovate.

What Makes a Good “Under Construction” Sign?

Not all signs will work asunder construction” signage. Here’s what qualities yours should have:

  • Clarity: Choose clear fonts and images, with bright colors to make these signs as clear as possible.
  • Size:These signs should be relatively large so that they are visible from far away. You want to give people the ability to read the sign from safety.
  • Weather-resistant: Often, you need to place signs announcing your construction outside of the property, to warn people before they step in. Any sign you put outside needs to withstand the elements.
  • Cost: Construction is temporary, so there’s no need to invest a lot of money in your safety signage. It’s not a long-term investment, so you should try to maintain cost-effectiveness in these signs.

Work with Stryker Designs for Your Signs

Do you need clear, cost-effective construction zone signs quickly? Stryker Designs makes purchasing your construction signs simple and quick. We can supply these signs to construction companies as well as to other businesses that need safety signs for temporary or permanent use. Reach out to us if you’re in Austin and need quality signs of any kind.

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