Get Your Business Noticed with Custom Channel Letter Signs

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Is your business having trouble standing out? Getting noticed by customers, whether new or old, is essential to your business’ success. If you have a brick and mortar location in Austin, a channel letter sign is one of the best ways to make your business more noticeable.

Why Custom Channel Letters Stand Out

Channel letters are bold and unique signs. Unlike the old cabinet style signs, these signs put all of the visual emphasis on the letters and your branding. Each letter stands out from an unlit background, and that makes for a much more visually striking sign, especially at night. There’s a reason these signs have become so popular, and that’s because they are effective.

Normally, this is a front lit sign, where the lights point out of the sign through sheets of acrylic that give the letters their color. However, your sign can also be back-lit, where the light is behind the sign and gives a halo-like look. We can also create combination signs with unique lighting that can help your sign make an impression.

Energy Efficiency

With all of this talk about lighting options, you might be concerned about the cost of operating these signs. LED channel letters are often more energy efficient to run than similarly sized neon signs or many other types of lights. They will not increase your operating costs by much; we can help you estimate the cost of running your specific LED channel letters so that you’re prepared.

Channel Letter Signs are Versatile

While these signs are most often placed on the outside of buildings, you can use channel letter signs in other, unique ways to help get your business noticed. It is becoming common to use channel letter signs to promote tourism. Cities commission their name in these signs and then encourage people to take their picture outside of them. Businesses do the same with interior channel letter signs. If you’re an event venue, a restaurant, or even just a retail location, one of these signs can help drive sales.

Choose Stryker Designs for Your Next Sign

Are you in Austin or the surrounding area and ready for a new channel letter sign? The team at Stryker Designs can help you create a truly unique design that reflects your brand and will help your business stand out from the crowd. Contact us today.

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