Give Your Commercial Space New Life with Wall Murals

Wall Murals Austin Stryker Designs

Wall murals are often underrated signs. They are so large and visually striking, that we don’t recognize them as “signs” per se. They feel more like pieces of art. They manage to define whole spaces without the expense of commissioning a painting. They are also practical, as they can be removed without damaging the wall beneath them and can be reapplied.

Mural wallpapers may be unusual signs, but they have many advantages, especially in a commercial setting. Businesses in Austin should consider murals if they are looking for a high impact sign.

The Advantages of Wall Murals

What makes murals so great for commercial spaces specifically? They have several advantages:

  • Our murals are made of vinyl. We can print any image on them that you wish, which means that you can use these wall signs for any purpose. If you want to add art to your wall, or images of your product, or of your happy customers, you can.
  • Mural wallpapers can achieve high quality visuals. Photo-realistic images are possible, whether you want a huge mural or a small one.
  • These signs don’t have to be permanent. You can peel these off the wall without damaging the paint — in fact it protects the wall from damage. So, you can use vinyl murals for seasonal promotions.

Who Can Use Vinyl Murals?

There are many different kinds of commercial spaces out there. Which spaces make the best use of these murals? Here are some ideas:

  • Product inspiration: How should customers use your product? Give them inspiration with your mural.
  • Set a mood: What kind of mood should your brand invoke, and does your current space invoke it? Use a mural to strengthen the mood.

3D Wall Murals

Businesses that want to be on the cutting-edge of signs might consider investing in 3D wall murals. These wall murals give off a 3D effect, making your image jump off the page. This is eye-catching and engaging for all kinds of viewers. It’s a great way to make your message “pop,” whatever that message is.

Wall Murals from Stryker Designs

Whether your wall mural is going to be a temporary piece or a permanent installation in your commercial space, you want it to be high quality. That’s why you should work with us at Stryker Designs. If you’re in Austin or its surrounding areas, reach out to us to start talking about the design of your new mural.

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