Greet Every Client With a Multidimensional Lobby Sign

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A lobby sign is an excellent way to greet every customer and client as they enter your business. It’s welcoming, professional, and lets people know they’ve arrived at the correct destination.

Of all the various types of custom lobby signs you can install, the most effective is the multidimensional sign. 

Reasons For 3D Lobby Signs 

A 3-dimensional lobby sign stands out compared to a flat, two-dimensional sign. This added depth makes the sign more vibrant and also gives it an energetic feel. 

Using a mix of materials — metal and acrylic, for instance, it is possible to create contrast and a sense of depth that isn’t achievable with a single type of material alone. 

A three-dimensional sign is a large, physical representation of your brand. 

Strategic Placement

When deciding on the placement of your sign, some locations will have the most effect. 

Above the reception area or at the reception desk is a good spot, as most visitors will make their way toward the reception area when they arrive. 

In a central location, it is in full view of the front entrance. This ensures that everyone, no matter where they go after entering, will see the sign. 

Lobby Signs Austin TX

In a building where people must exit an elevator to get to your office, directly across from the elevators is a good location. In this scenario, you should also have a lobby sign within the office space itself. 

In large buildings with multiple tenants, there are advantages to using several signs. The main benefit is to create a pleasant wayfinding experience for your visitors. In a large building, having clear signage can also boost your brand reputation. Additionally, by having signage in areas other than your main office location, you will raise your brand awareness and make the business known to people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to encounter your branding.

Does your office need a sign? Get in touch today to get started. 

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