How Hotel Signs Communicate with Customers

Hotel signs tell your customers what they need to know from the moment they drive up to your property to the end of their stay. Signs are more critical in hotels than in many other businesses. Do you have all of the hotel signs you need to guide customers? Check this list for the types of custom hotel signage you need and tips on how to use them.

Exterior Hotel Signs

Signs on the outside of your hotel help customers decide if they want to stay with you. So, they’re critical to the success of your business. Here’s what they communicate:

  1. Your Brand 

Your fascia sign, or the big sign on your building, lets your customer know which brand your hotel belongs to. For many, that’s a key factor in whether or not they choose your hotel.

  1. Do You Have Vacancy?

Outdoor signs can reassure customers that you do have a vacancy, so it’s worth their time to stop to check in with you.

  1. What About Amenities?

Pylon signs and other custom hotel signage can also list your amenities, so that you can out compete nearby hotels that don’t have your offerings—or that don’t make them clear from outside the building.

Interior Hotel Signs

Interior hotel signs help guide your customers and ensure they have a positive stay. Also, many of these signs have to be ADA compliant hotel signs, to help those with disabilities find their way around your building. Here are a few ways interior signs communicate with your customers.

  1. Where’s My Room?

Hotels can be confusing. You need wayfinding signage near the elevators and at turns so your customer feels confident they can find their room. You need an ADA compliant sign for each room too.

  1. Where’s the Pool, Breakfast Bar, or Gym?

You also have to guide the customer from their room to the amenities they may want to enjoy. It’s best to have at least one signs near the elevator on the floor the amenity is located.

  1. Hotel Policies

Can I take this towel to the pool? What are the hours for room service? You can make your policies clear to customers with well-placed signs. It saves your staff time too!

Get Hotel Signs From Stryker Signs

We do it all, from ADA compliant hotel signs to fascia signs. We’ll make sure your branding is consistent and your message is clear. Contact us to get started!

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