How to Choose the Right Type of Custom Channel Letters for Your Business

Custom Channel Letters

Why are channel letter signs so striking? It’s not just because of their huge, 3-dimensional look. Channel letters emphasize your brand above all else, from the letter design to the lighting options. This sign is a long-term investment, so you want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right type for your brand. Here’s what you should consider about LED channel letters.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

These are the most common. It is simply your brand’s font with custom acrylic faces, lit internally. These signs are best for brands with very distinct lettering that would not look good when halo-lit or with multiple sources of light. These signs feel very modern and most brands in Pflugerville will choose them.

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

LED channel letters can be lit from the back instead of internally. You still have your custom-made letters with your brand’s coloring, but the lights are behind the letters. This creates a halo effect that is particularly nice at night. This is great for brands that want to feel soft or gentle. It’s also great for brands that are active at night, as these signs are eye-catching after the sun has gone down.

Custom Channel Letters

If your brand identity is unique, you may prefer to use specialty or mixed custom channel letters. These signs can combine the other lighting options in unique ways to make a sign that stands out even from other channel letter signs.

Not Convinced by These Channel Letter Signs?

Some brand identities aren’t well-served by channel letter signs, and that’s okay. You still have lots of options for your building sign if you don’t think channel letters will work. Here are some of the outdoor sign options you should explore:

  • Neon building signs: Neon feels classic and retro.
  • Open face channel letters: These signs are rarely used now because they have diffused illumination. But that might work for you.
  • Cabinet signs: Some brand’s letters are tough to manufacture or don’t stand well on their own. In that case a cabinet sign may suit you better.

Work With Stryker Designs

Ready to start designing your custom channel letter sign? Reach out to us at Stryker Designs in Pflugerville today to get the expert design advice you need to make your next channel letter sign the best it can be.

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