How to Design Perfect ADA Signs

ADA Signs Austin TX

Aren’t custom ADA signs just braille signs? No, in fact, there are many more design constraints your signs will need to meet in order to be ADA compliant. Even putting braille on a sign is a little more complicated than it seems. Did you know that braille needs to be a certain height off the surface to meet ADA rules? Here are some tips on making your signage ADA compliant:

Know Which Signs Should Be ADA Compliant

Not all your signs are required to be ADA compliant signs. ADA signs are only those that identify permanent spaces or rooms, wayfinding signs, or signs that identify accessibility features. The ADA mandates these sign types specifically so that those with disabilities will be able to navigate your space, find the room they are looking for, or find the accessibility feature they are looking for.

A sign that points the way to a permanent accessible washroom is an example of a sign that meets all three of these criteria, and even one is enough to mean the sign should be ADA compliant, at least in Austin.

Understand ADA Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, ADA signs aren’t just about braille. There are other requirements that you need to keep in mind when designing the sign. For example, the sign needs to have high contrast so that it can be more easily seen by those with visual impairments. To achieve this contrast, you may need to change the exact shades you have in mind for the sign. Also, some signs are required to have pictograms as well as braille and words. This depends on the exact use of the sign and where it will be placed in your building.

It’s Not Just About Design

You can have a perfectly designed ADA braille sign, and fail to meet the ADA requirement, simply because of where you placed the sign. ADA compliant signs must be at least 80 inches off the floor. This is so that they are easily visible and within reach for those who need to touch the sign to read the braille.

Get ADA Sign Guidance from Stryker Designs

Choose Stryker Designs for custom ADA signs that you can be confident will meet ADA regulations. You don’t have to stress about the details of the regulations, we will explain everything you need to know to design the perfect ADA sign for your purposes. If you’re in Austin or its surrounding areas, reach out to us today.

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