How to Design the Perfect Monument Sign for Your Business

Monument Signs

Monument signs are typically located a short distance away from a business to let people know that it exists. Due to their proximity to roads and highways, they make excellent marketing materials for the amount of exposure they provide.

Great Design for Your Business

Several factors need to be considered when designing effective and stunning monument signs that people will notice and remember.

In designing monument signs, business owners need to understand that these signs are an extension of their brand’s identity. These outdoor signs have the power to communicate a company’s message as well as its personality. It’s good to have an in-house team of designers to conceptualize a look for you, but if you have any misgivings it’s always best to consult the experts. At Stryker Designs in Pflugerville, we are known for our top-quality custom monument signs that we produce for our customers. Our design specialists always take the time to listen to every customer’s individual needs and study their company profile before conceptualizing and designing custom-made monument signs. This is to ensure that your signs are as unique as your company.

Built for Visibility

Signs are built to be seen, and whatever is written on them must be read and understood quickly. This means you must decide which information you intend to communicate using your monument sign. Any experienced designer will tell you that color, finish, and font style matter a lot in constructing highly effective monument signs for business. Brushed gold, polished gold, and polished silver are some of the popular choices, but full color faces are also available for a more creative look.

Constructed to Last

When having your monument sign built, you also need to discuss with your sign maker how you’d like your sign to appear to your target audience and how you intend for them to feel. If you want to convey a message of strength and stability, a brushed aluminum finish and a faux stone base or columns might be a perfect option. If you want them to last for several years, you’ll love aluminum and armoured foam. These two are known to be highly resistant to rot and water damage. Additionally, they top the list as far as customizability is concerned. They do come at a price, but if your budget can accommodate it, you’ll never regret investing in this type of signage.

Other popular materials include the following:

  • Dibond
  • DuraWood
  • ARMOUR Wood
  • Plastic
  • Stone and Brick Masonry
  • Concrete

Choosing a Great Sign Company

At Stryker Designs, we offer our customers a wide variety of signage options to suit their needs and budget. Contact us today to receive a free quote! One of our friendly sign specialists are ready to discuss your next project.

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