How to Design the Perfect Real Estate Signage

Real Estate Signs

No matter what you’re selling, from a rental property to your own home, you need a sign to help generate interest in the property. Here’s a few things you need to consider to design the best custom real estate signage for you.

Balance Your Messages

Most real estate signs are dual-purpose. They help notify potential buyers that a specific home is for sale, and they help spread your brand awareness as a real estate agent. You need to balance both of these needs, so that both messages are clear. Your sign’s color and other branding elements should be consistent with your business. Most of the sign’s visual space should be about the home you’re selling.

Selling Your Own Home?

Of course, if you’re selling your own home you don’t need to worry about this balance. Instead, you’ll be building the branding for your home from scratch. In that case, it’s wise to get a professional designer—like those at Stryker Signs, to help.

Choose Your Text

Custom real estate signage is designed to be read even if you’re driving by on the street, so as many people read the sign as possible. That means you need large text, but also clear text. Unless it clashes with your branding significantly, it’s best to use a sans serif text for the most important information on the sign, like square footage.

Consider Type of Sign

The classic hanging sign is a staple of real estate, for good reason. This sign fits on most properties and stand horizontally, so buyers can still see the home. You can extend the sign by placing a small sign on top of the support bar. However, you do have other sign options that can help your property stand out:

  • A-frame sign
  • Building-mounted sign
  • Flag sign
  • Banner sign
  • Post and panel sign

These signs are particularly useful when you’re selling a property that isn’t your typical detached home. For example, when selling a commercial property with no lawn, consider a building-mounted sign. Or, when selling a large rural property add post and panel signs on the corners of the property.

As for size of your sign, the bigger the better. Just don’t obstruct someone’s view of the property!

Ask for Professional Advice

There’s much more to learn about designing your perfect custom real estate signs. The team at Stryker Signs can help from designing to installing. Reach out to us today.

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