Make a Great First Impression for Your Business Stand with Trade Show Banners

Custom Trade Show Banner

You’ve been invited to participate in a trade show to showcase your products and services for the people of Pflugerville, Texas to see. Make sure to get the maximum publicity from this opportunity with custom trade show banners.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks below regarding the content and design of some highly successful trade show display banners.

Trade Show Banner Design and Placement

A trade show banner is a useful tool for optimal product or service orientation and information. If you’re currently preparing for a trade show, having custom trade show banners is a must.

Your custom trade show banner is the first thing people will notice; it’s what will make them take an interest in what you have to offer. If you want to get your message across the moment visitors lay their eyes upon your booth, here’s what you need to do.

Create Concise, Charismatic and Crisp Copy

It is unwise to bombard trade show visitors and potential customers with lengthy text in small font. When creating copy, it is essential to understand that you only have three to four seconds to captivate them and persuade them to explore your booth further. The primary purpose of a custom trade show banner is to entice attendees into thinking that your exhibit deserves a few moments of their time to check you out. When choosing words, colors, and images, your brand must be reflected adequately.

Consider Proper Positioning

Positioning is critical for retractable trade show banners to serve their purpose of inviting guests into your booth. You can obtain a competitive advantage by placing trade show banners at waiting areas or the exhibit’s chokepoint. It’s important to recognize high foot traffic areas and maximize your custom trade show banner’s visibility by putting one in a prominent location.

Communicate with Stunning Imagery

A good combination of text and images is a foolproof way of attracting your target audience and driving traffic. Maximize a banner’s space by placing images that will capture visitors’ attention and pique their curiosity. Having images integrated with your banner design makes your message clearer and more appealing.

Unique and Actionable Design

Lastly, implement a strategy not only with your trade show display banners but also with your items on display – keep them engaging and actionable. Not everyone that walks by your booth has the intention of purchasing. However, the use of effective custom trade show banners will keep visitors curious about what you have in store for them. This will lead them to explore your booth and get to know your service and product offerings.

Let Trade Show Experts Help You

Businesses in Pflugerville, especially start-ups, can save both time and money by enlisting the help of trade show professionals. Stryker Designs has an in-house team of sign specialists with years of experience designing trade show displays. Retractable trade show banners are among our customers’ favorites as they are highly portable and attractive.

We can help you prepare and stand out on your next trade show. Call Stryker Designs today to speak with our marketing expert and get a complimentary quote.

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