Real Estate Signs are Effective: Here’s How to Use Them Wisely

Real Estate Signs Pflugerville, TX

Today’s real estate agent knows better than completely relying on print ads and online marketing. Advertising through traditional signs and graphics continues to play a significant role in the industry, and real estate signs are still indispensable.

If you are a realtor in need of real estate yard signs, you have come to the right place. We will work with you to get the most out of your signs.

Ways to Make Your Signage System Work

1. Stick to a Simple Design

It’s good to use colors that speak your brand but keep in mind that too many colors may drown out your message. Stick to simple yet impactful design using sans serif fonts of just the right size. An experienced sign manufacturer should know the proper font size for the right viewing distance, which is why it’s imperative for you to work only with the top sign company in Pflugerville.

2. Have More than One in Place

One sign is good but more than one is better. A well-designed and strategically placed signage system will increase your chances of getting seen by potential customers. Consider the directions your target audience will be coming from and have several real estate for sale signs installed in these locations.

3. Urge your Audience to Act

Remember to use a short yet complete message. Include only the essentials such as what you’re selling, what you want your audience to do, and information on how to reach you. Passersby usually have too little time to take in detailed information. Show them what they need and tell them how to get it in as little words as possible. Real estate for sale signs with your contact details in bold will often suffice.

4. Get Around the Clock Exposure

Lighted signs might be a little more expensive but if you want to maximize exposure and target an audience that drives by at night, you can discuss options with your sign provider. If you choose not to spend the cost on lighting, you can alternatively opt for reflective signs that improve readability at night.

Your Top Choice for a Highly Effective Real Estate Signage System

Realtors in Pflugerville, TX trust none other than Stryker Designs to provide them with high-quality real estate yard signs that work. Our graphics experts have been designing, manufacturing, and installing attractive as well as durable yard signs for years. If you are looking for signs that are portable, easy to install and takedown, long-lasting, and affordable we’ve got you covered.

Call Stryker Designs today to speak with a sign specialist and get a free estimate.

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