Revamping Restaurant Signage Can Revitalize Your Business

Custom Restaurant Signage

Things change at your restaurant all of the time. You get new menu items, new staff, and new seating. But, does that bring in new customers? It can be hard for restaurants to generate excitement about new offerings unless a customer steps inside to try them. Especially if the restaurant has been in its location for a long time, boosting foot traffic can be a challenge.

Custom restaurant signage is one way to change all of that, get more people to try your restaurant and fill up tables. Here’s how.

What’s New Is Interesting

Adding new restaurant signs will help your storefront stand out and attract attention, even from people who are used to seeing it everyday on their drive home. People tend to try a restaurant once and never again, unless something draws them in. That something can be a new, bold sign.

If you’re changing up your restaurant’s interior or branding you can also benefit from peoples’ love of novelty. Support your efforts with new outdoor signs that give passersby a peek at what’s going on inside. Consider new building signs, like channel letter signs or awning signs.

Communicate Changes & Promotions

Cooking up a new menu item? Offering a promotion on appetizers? Sometimes these sales and changes are intended to get regular customers to buy more. But you can also use them to pull in new customers if those new customers know about them. Outdoor restaurant signs that can help you promote sales and other changes include:

  • Banners: These are especially popular for grand re-openings.
  • A-frame: Use where you have a lot of foot traffic.
  • Flag signs: Use where height is an advance to attract more attention.
  • Window signs: Post your hours or new menu items with window graphics.

Indoor Restaurant Signs

Focusing on the customers who are already at your table can revitalize your business too. In fact, one of the most important signs for restaurants is the one that announces the menu. A well-designed menu sign can change the whole look and feel of your business.

Strategize New Restaurant Signs With Stryker Signs

Which signs will make the most impact on your business? Where’s the best spot for your new sign? At Stryker Signs we can help you answer these questions and strategize about your new custom restaurant signage. Talk to us today to revitalize your restaurant.

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