Wall Graphics Shape the Customer Experience

Large wall murals in Austin, Texas

When a customer enters your space, you’ve already made an impression on them. Whether it’s music, comfortable chairs, or even the smell (eau de musty carpet is pretty unpopular), you’re representing your brand. One impactful way to introduce your brand to new customers, or re-introduce yourself to loyal clients, is with customized wall graphics.

Merge Art and Business

Wall graphics are an eye-catching way to put your brand’s stamp on a space. As a great alternative to traditional signage, wall graphics can be a more naturally subtle way to advertise.

Customized wall graphics are versatile; as your brand changes and grows, it’s easy to update the design to reflect new products and services — or give an already great design a little extra.

Types of Wall Graphics

1) Retail wall graphics: If you’ve shopped, you know the importance of signage. Take that to the next level with wall graphics for specific departments and areas! That can both subtly direct foot traffic and make the shopping experience less stressful.

2) Office wall graphics: Room identifying graphics are one very simple way to impress clients and perk up your workspace. Combined with wall graphics to direct people, this makes navigating your office easier for everyone.

3) Storytelling wall graphics: This amazing tool isn’t limited to one kind of space. This is where your brand really gets to show its personality and create a great customer experience! Visual storytelling is very powerful, and using it to tell the story of your brand is a great opportunity to engage your customers.

Custom wallpaper mural in Austin, Texas
Wall graphics make a space your own.

Get the Best People for the Best Result 

If adding custom wall graphics to your retail space, office, or business sounds appealing, then get in touch with Stryker Designs today! We have a team of passionate graphic design professionals who will work with you to get the perfect results for your brand. 

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