Why Investing in Fleet Wraps is a Profitable Strategy for Your Business

vehicle wraps Pflugerville, TX

Creativity is the key to a wildly successful marketing campaign. With so many brands vying for customers’ attention, patronage, and loyalty, businesses must consider every trick in the book to one-up the competition. In this regard, both international and local brands have pushed the boundaries of advertising. Over the decades, we have gone from billboards to social media to car advertising using fleet vehicle wraps.

Especially in a high-traffic area such as Pflugerville, Texas, vehicle wraps can take your advertising campaign to the next level. Imagine having a fleet of cars and vans drive around the county, getting eyeballs on your branding as they scurry around. This is different from your typical billboard or exterior sign, which are rooted in one place. With custom vehicle wraps, you really maximize your reach.

How Does Fleet Wrap Advertising Work?

Imagine a fleet of taxi cabs carrying your brand as they pick up passengers. These vehicles are specifically designed to stand out from the rest of the traffic, so they are guaranteed to grab the attention of passersby.

Of course, this need not apply to taxis only. You’ve probably seen businesses using vans, trucks, and even boats to advertise. This is perhaps one of the best things about custom vehicle wraps – they can be used on almost anything. Installation and removal are also quick, so you can change out your signage as often as you need.

The question remains, though: are fleet vehicle wraps effective? Numerous studies give a resounding ‘Yes’. Research by ARD Ventures has shown that “vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicular impressions.” Additionally, research shows that vehicular advertising is highly effective because it leaves an impression when the audience least expects it, which means that they are more open to retaining information.

Meanwhile, according to Perception Research, using cars to advertise brands is 2.5 times more effective than a billboard in terms of attention generated. According to RYP & Becker Group, people are 97% more likely to remember advertisements when viewed on a vehicle.

Save on Advertising Costs with Fleet Vehicle Wraps

A billboard can only be visible to those who pass by it, which is why many businesses make use of multiple signs at multiple locations. Vehicles, on the other hand, can move around town, which means that they can reach a much wider audience. Not only do you make the most of mobile advertising, but you also get to leverage the investment you made in your vehicles by converting them into rent-free ad spaces.

A high-quality wrap will last many years, even withstanding harsh weather conditions. With the kind of advertising opportunity, they provide, fleet wraps really do pay for themselves in no time at all.

Contact the Best Vehicle Wrap Providers in Texas

Work with none other than the fleet wrap experts. Stryker Designs serves businesses in Pflugerville and surrounding areas. We are renowned for high quality wraps and seamless vehicle wrapping.

No project is too small or too big for us. Whether you have one company vehicle or an entire fleet, contact our car wrap specialists today to discuss your ideas and receive a free estimate.

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